The Core Team

Founder – Colin Patrick Kelleher

Colin Patrick was performing as an actor and musician since childhood; after which he decided to focus on the Tech side and gained a Distinction in his Higher Diploma for Film & TV Production. He then worked as an Editor in RTÉ – Radio Telifís Éireann – Ireland’s national TV broadcaster, on one of Ireland’s most popular TV programs; Nationwide.

Right Moves Media – RMM – was founded whilst he was in RTÉ. Working alongside RMM’s main Producer and Innovator, Tamasin, they noted there was a place in the market for futurists, to help create a safer planetary tomorrow with the support of an ethical Video & Film Production business. 

Colin Patrick

The Positive Change thrust of RMM is true to our core, where our central team are vegan and meditate for at least two and a half hours each day. We’re adamant that it’s more important to practice than preach. We’re positive that if we all work conscientiously every single day, of every single week, month and year, we absolutely can create a peaceful environment on Earth.

And here at RMM, create useful videos to help that happen!

Our values led business strongly sets RMM apart from many generic videographers.

That, and the fact that myself, Tamasin, and some other colleagues are trained, professional performers too. Our knowledge of how to present and perform to the camera offers invaluable experience in helping Clients reach their true potential, by representing themselves and their Businesses to their optimum, in true to heart Videos for website, social media and broadcast use.

It’s primary for us that RMM works hard on promoting respect and honesty, which of course, means ensuring our crews and staff are balanced according to the planet’s make up gender-wise. Over 50% of the world’s population are women, though you’d have no idea that was the case if you visited the average film production – both behind and in front of the camera. RMM aims to have women, people from all cultural backgrounds, and the LGBTQIA+ community recognised as equal and valuable members of the global business community through direct inclusivity.  We do not consider diversity as having 50% of our colleagues female, simply because over half the humans in this world are female. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with people of all nations, backgrounds and cultural heritages and identities. We currently work alongside people from African, European & Middle Eastern countries; South American countries; Russian states; United States (of America); Chinese provinces; Vietnam (Au Lac), Philippines, Korea, Japan, and daily, from many more backgrounds, across this amazing planet.

Diversity and Inclusivity to RMM also flags the sentience of every living Being on this planet. We work hard to highlight and ultimately, end speciesism against our non-human animal co-inhabitants.

RMM’s main mission is to help create useful, and where necessary, challenging videos for you and your business to support the world’s positive progress.

We look forward to welcoming you onto our ethical brand wagon.

Innovator – Tamasin MacCarthy Morrogh

Tamasin began her career as an actor, graduating from one of the UK’s *Top 3 Drama Schools, whereafter she was selected by the BBC to train as a Presenter, and today provides Anchor services for Global News Broadcasters.

She’s also a Qualified Teacher of Performance and has a Post Grad from University College Dublin in ‘Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Innovation’. She’s coached (in situ) at the Council of Europe and has taught a wide range of national and international clients over the last 20 years in Optimum Presenting, Group Dynamics, and Empowerment.

Having met Right Moves Media’s Founder, Colin Patrick on a film set, they decided to work together to build RMM into the innovative, progressive, and positive Video & Film business it is. A business founded exclusively so that she, Colin Patrick and others, can work according to conscience. 


RMM works equally from heart and head. Our central operating theme is to support other businesses in discovering, and highlighting in their branding what they Stand For. This is how we ensure they Stand Out in the online chaos. 

RMM is proud to Stand Out by making it clear what we Stand For.

People, Animals & Planet.

If we’re clear about what we genuinely stand for, then we are remembered by potential clients and the public at large.

There are many ‘Same again Sam’ video makers on the market. What struck us was; if a videographer, film or marketing business have no idea of their own character, their own brand, then how can they help a business identify and/or support their uniquity? Their unique selling points?

No one is questioning that pretty pictures are important, but like a pretty face, unless there’s a strong character behind those attractive features, it soon becomes forgettable. It’s the character that we ultimately seek, to support and sustain us. Similarly, a clear, strong business character, along with beautiful pictures is essential in being remembered on the marketplace catwalk.

Stand out by knowing what you stand for.

Get those pretty ideas noticed, and those strong actions remembered.

After all, if we annihilate Earth, where can we do business?


Have you seen Mars?!

We’d prefer to protect Earth.

So, if your business wants to create a better future, connect with us and together, let’s make useful content to Stand Out.

*As voted for by Empire Magazine, the premiere Film Industry publication.