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Band’s Live Music Video Promo:
Pale Blue Moon – Rock Genre.

Right Moves Media Client: Rock band, Pale Blue Moon, stormed to #1 on iTunes Rock Music Charts with their Album The Pleasure of Finding Things Out.

Their album, produced by the stalwart American music producer Brian Sperber (Ozzy Osbourne, Patti Smith, Whitney Houston, De La Soul, Moby, Feeder andStain’d), was created as inspiring labour of love.

Shane (Vocals) and Griff (Drums) were in bands together for over 20 years. They’d toured with established favourites like The Pogues but after having kids “settled down” to more regular jobs.

But being musicians to the core, they simply couldn’t stay away from the studio and stage, and once those rocking notes started a flowin’, they were consumed with composing song lyrics and tunes.

All was well underway when catastrophe struck. Out of the blue (forgive the pun), Pale Blue Moon’s lead singer Shane was felled by a shocking stroke. He was sped to the hospital, and there remained, half-paralyzed for months.

Determined not to give up, Shane actually worked online, from his hospital bed, mixing the album with their New York producer, Bryan!

Perseverance paid off, and soon Shane was gaining strength, gigs were lining up music videos filmed, and…

Voila! They launched their albumThe Pleasure of Finding Things Out. Encouraged as they’d been by the release of their first single Supernatural which had stormed in at #2 on Ireland’s iTunes Rock Charts – knocking Queen down to #3!

The Album The Pleasure of Finding Things Out itself, then smashed its way straight up to #1 on the iTunes Rock Charts – check out Pale Blue Moon’s Live Music Promo in the Silver Disc Package here and stomp your boot to a blast of musical creation!