How it works

Again, to make it easy, we list what happens if you choose either a Marketing Video or a Music Promo from a suitable Package for you and your business.
  • Client needs are always discussed and agreed upon by both parties before commencement (ie in pre-production, usually with the Producer. It will be based on your <My Story> Questionnaire)
  • Sign-off is always required (again pre-production i.e. before the cameras turn-up to film you on location!)
  • Any changes after agreed sign-off are chargeable according to the rates of extra staff time, for example; be sure to keep to the signed-off agreement on the day(s) of the shoot – you’d make sure your interview content is clear, you’d have practiced speaking out loud what you want to share with the camera, and you’ll stick to the agreed location(s). Regarding post-production, the Editor will create your video’s story according to the signed-off agreement. Any non-agreed changes have to be charged for. We’re pretty nice (if we do say so ourselves) and at the initial sign-off stage, a round of agreeable changes will be allowed for and signed-into the agreement.
  • 50% Deposit is standard and non-negotiable for projects to proceed
  • Note Music Tracks and Effects costs are dependent on your budget. Licensing and buyout of third party products are not controlled by RMM.
  • All packages are subject to 13.5% Irish VAT – you can claim this back if you’re registered for VAT. Please ask us for a <VAT Invoice>.
In more details
What can I expect on the day(s) before, during and after the filming? Simply, your producer will be your point of initial contact.
Your preliminary inquiries will be dealt with by your assigned producer. They will:
  1. Find out which package you’ve chosen
  2. Ensure you understand what’s provided by us for your chosen package
  3. Ensure you understand what you need to provide to stay within your chosen package
  4. Discuss any further business video needs or queries
  5. Agree and sign-off on the project needs
  6. This includes locking-in filming date(s) – it’s super important that these dates are kept to. Cancellation fees always apply if at least a month’s notice is not. Why? RMM turns down jobs that clash with your signed-off agreed dates if another business is only available to film on the same days. If a shoot is suddenly cancelled, we lose two jobs but still have the locked-in staff to pay. Sudden cancellations are deducted from the deposit. Any balances owing thereafter are discussed.
  7. On the day(s) of filming, your producer will ensure all runs smoothly behind the scenes and that, for example, your camera operator turns up at the agreed time, to your agreed location.
  8. Once on location, s/he will do the ‘set-ups’ i.e. any lighting and/or sound equipment and camera tripods, etc that are needed for the shoot will be organised. You, (or other staff members), will be asked to sit in front of the camera as the lighting and sound are tested for your shoot. If you’re doing an Interview to or off-camera, you’ll be placed where s/he needs you to sit as they bustle about, setting it all up! This is an ideal opportunity for you to practice your content i.e. what you’d like to say in your video, (it’s essential that you’ve practiced speaking the content before the shoot days as any avoidable delays, like not knowing the content, are charged for). Don’t be shy about rehearsing, by the way, this is always how the professionals do it!
  9. What exactly is ‘off-camera’ though? This is where you’ll be speaking to a crew member behind the camera, so you don’t have to speak directly to the camera, like in this video <Joya Kuin>)
  10. When all the lighting and sound and any other tech is tested and sorted – the crew will talk you through what they need to check, like sound for example – the camera operator/crew will let you know how to start, and when.
  11. ‘Camera rolling… Action!’ Or more “In your own time…” And it is your own time, so relax and remember that really all you have to do here, is chatting away to the allotted crew member about what you need to share about your business.
  12. If a crew member/producer / interviewer / other staff members / or family member or friend is asking you questions off-camera to make sure you cover all you need – just wait a few seconds after they’ve asked the question before you answer – this is for the Editor in post-production
  13. And no need to worry about getting anything ‘wrong’, you can just stop, take a breath, and say it again – that’s the joy of the film, you get second chances!
  14. It’s quite likely that a crew member may ask you to repeat something – this is to do with Technical Equipment reasons usually, and not that you got it ‘wrong’!
  15. After you’ve finished what you need to say on camera, having taken any water or loo breaks that you may have needed, the camera/sound operator(s) will check footage and sound again.
  16. If any ‘pick-ups’, ie when they need to re-do something for whatever tech reason may present, you’ll be asked to just speak on that area – you do NOT have to do the whole interview again!
  17. Once everyone is happy – the get-out will start i.e. simply dismantling any tech film equipment from the onset, packing it all up, and then the shoot is done.
  18. You’re free to go!
  19. The Camera (and Sound Operators) take the footage back and hand it over to the Editor.
  20. Post-production now turns those hours of filming into the slick seconds or minutes of the Promotional or Commercial Marketing Video.