Producer up to 2 Days

Director up to 2 Days

Business Owner Presents
Presenter extra add on

Content Manager – extra add on

Script Writer

Creative Designers

Drone Camera – extra add on

Skeleton Crew:

Camera operator

Sound Operator – extra add on

Lighting Technician – extra add on

Line Producer


1st AC 

Continuity Manager 

Production Assistant – extra add on

Transport Captain 

No extra Crew available for Silver beyond listed add-ons

Catering – extra add on

Stylist/Costume, Hair, Makeup

1 Local Location

More than 1 – extra add on

15-45 Shot
Averaging 80% / Static 20% Dynamic

Voice Over Artist
extra add on

Music Track

Colour Grade extra add on

Special FX (effects)

Editor up to 3 Days



Producer up to 30 Days

Director up to 20 Days w/ Assis Director(s)

CEO / Business Owner Presents or

Professional Presenter or Named Talent

1 Content Manager(s)

Script Writer(s) up to 7 Days

Creative Design Team

Drone Camera

Full Crew:

Director of Photography / Cinematographer

Sound Technician w/ Assistant(s)

Lighting Technician w/ Assistant(s)

Line Producer


1st AC

Continuity Manager

Production Assistants

Transport Captain

More Crew
Dependent on project needs eg time and complexity


Stylist/Costume, Hair, Make up Artist(s)

Local, National + & International Locations

Up to 500 Shots
Averaging 50% Static 50% Dynamic

Voice Over Artist(s) Composer for Unique Musical Score & Sound Design

Colour Grade – Film Grade

Special FX (effects)

Editor up to 25 Days

PR Manager