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Our music story

How we longed. Yearned. To have our own music videos. But back in the day, even getting a photo taken was a feat!

For Tamasin and me, it was the era of no mobile phones, let alone camera phones. And definitely no social media. No internet in fact. It was a time of zero digital access.

We relied on DIY. We produced our own world-changer lyrics – songs we hoped would be anthems in their calls to action. Albums and demos with home-drawn sleeves. And homemade, home-printed, photocopied, super creative, information-sharing Zines. In this era of Activist Squats, Protest Marches, Police kettling, batoning, raiding and imprisoning activists, (and all that for standing up for the Amazon Forests, Ozone Layer and shouting out for the laboratory tortured and harassed (factory) farmed animals).

This urgent time urged us to produce hard-hitting, fast content, for our zines and our punk lyrics. It birthed many a political straight-edge journalist. It’s not too surprising that I followed all that up with Drama school, writing, producing, directing, and acting in political plays and comedies; and then onto a stint in the BBC newsrooms.

But times have thankfully changed, and millions, from all age ranges, choose to incorporate, even entirely follow environment-saving lifestyles including choosing to be vegan or at least predominantly plant-based.

This huge shift in elevating consciousness is fast snowballing into a tipping point where it’s becoming the norm to choose kindness, for every sentient being’s sake. And as we do our best to hit that positive, personal, compassionate target, it becomes clear that we may be able to save all people, animals, and the planet. Even if it’s in the nick of time.

And for me, C.P, the world of music performance wasn’t quite so archaic (or anarchic) at a time. I grew up under Grunge, Hip Hop, the World Wide Web, and mobile phones.

The digital age was exciting, and my mates and I were tech junkies – especially with regards to music performance. To this day, my lyrics are all about offering a helping hand to the listener – even if it’s just to let people know that it’s human to be unsure of life sometimes.

Alongside my music, I soon moved into acting and being in front of the camera. Fascinated by the whole process of filming, I went on to college and trained in film directing – I loved being behind the camera too.

I landed a handy spot when one of RTÉ’S chief editors selected me to mentor. I was offered ongoing TV work. But from there I pursued developing RMM because like Tamasin, I needed to be in a space where I’d have more control over creating life-saving content. It was, and is, super important to me to make useful, uplifting content. Surely it can only bring good to create good?

I’ve always loved animals and the countryside, where I was brought up, and decided to make a go of RMM because to be honest, I’d like to be able to say that I was one, of many, who worked hard to preserve Planet Earth. An amazing place, so beautiful, if we let it be.

And so…

Taking all those positive, world-changing film and music vibes into account – Back to the Music Packages!

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